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Season 2 of MineLucky Prison has officially released!

Here are some of our New Features that we know you'll enjoy:
Plots: Visit the Plot Master to get access to your own personal Plot, which you can customize however you want to! Build, design, and create, and invite your friends to your own personalized space!

Enchants: We have enhanced your Pickaxe with a range of new enchantments that will add a lots of visuals and boosts to your mining experience.

New Pets & Robots: Unearth a variety of powerful pets and robots to accompany you on your journey. If you get lucky, you might might even find a Shiny Pet!

The Giving Tree (AFK Rewards): Rest your hands from mining for a while at a place where you can relax and still earn rewards! This warp is currently Christmas themed, come enjoy the holiday spirit!

Our server is available on both Java (1.8-1.20+) and Bedrock versions of the game! To join on bedrock join our discord for a guide.
IP: play.minelucky.net
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